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    Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I golf?

There is a very long list of reasons to play golf, but I’ll only list a few:
  1. Golf is a great way to get some exercise
  2. Golf is one of the only sports than can be played long after retirement
  3. Golf is a great way to bond with friends or family
  4. Golf is a great way to relax, and get away from the daily grind
  5. Golf is a valuable business tool, and can be a great way to connect with co-workers
  6. Golf doesn’t need to be PLAYED to be played – hit balls on the driving range, putting green
  7. Golf gets you closer to nature, and further away from your cell phone
  8. Golf can be enjoyed at any age or ability level
  9. Golf is FUN

How do I play golf?

The object of golf is play the ball from the teeing area, and hit the ball as few times as possible to get it into the hole on the green.

Golf can be an extremely frustrating game, but don’t sweat it! Stay focused on the fact that you are outside in beautiful weather, getting some exercise, and hanging out with some good friends!

For some tips and tricks, we recommend checking out the “Sunday Swing” video lesson series here. Nick Winters, Golf Professional, gives many useful techniques for different golf shots in the series. Also visit our golf lessons page to find out about adult and youth lessons with our resident golf instructor Patrick Tracy or contact us to schedule a lesson!

Golf Etiquette 101

Having poor etiquette while golfing can not only hurt your group’s morale, but can also affect other players on the golf course. Here’s a few tips to make sure fun is had by all:
  1. Do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. If your group starts to lose sight of the group playing in front of you, and the group playing behind you is right on your tail, let them “play through” as soon as it is convenient, on the next tee box preferably.
  2. If you hit a wayward shot, and it looks like it is heading in the general direction of other people, OR you can’t see the area where the ball will land, ALWAYS yell FORE!! Fore is the universal symbol for “duck” in golf, so players know to keep their head down or take cover. Safety is just as important as anything else on the golf course.
  3. Play “Ready Golf” to improve the pace of play. If you are ready to play your shot, and nobody else in your group is ready to hit their shot, feel free to hit your ball as long as it is safe to do so.
  4. Keep quiet while other players are standing over their ball. Talking or laughing while other people are hitting can be distracting, and is generally considered rude.
  5. Keep golf carts at least 20 feet away from all greens & tee boxes.
  6. Leave the golf course as you find it. When you remove the pin from the hole, replace it. When you have to hit out of the bunker, rake the sand. If you take a large divot out of the fairway, replace the piece of grass. If your ball lands on the green and creates a ball mark, fix it.
  7. Be kind & courteous to your fellow players. Playing poorly or being in a bad mood is not a good reason to ruin the day of the players around you.
  8. HAVE FUN. The more fun you can have, the more relaxed you’ll be, the better you’ll play, and the more fun you’ll have. Spread the word, it’s contagious.

What’s a tee time & how do I make one?

To schedule a tee time, call the Clubhouse at 608-356-5524, or visit our tee times page and ask to make a tee time around the desired time you’d like to play. The golf shop attendant will ask you a few questions including time you’d like to play, how many holes you’d like to play, how many players you will have, and whether your group will be using golf carts or walking. After answering the questions, the attendant will let you know your tee time, and you will be all set to play golf!

The phrase “tee time” indicates the exact time your group will be on the 1st tee box, ready to play golf. Be prepared to arrive at the golf course 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time to check in, get snacks, warm up, etc.

We recommend always making a tee time as opposed to just walking into the Clubhouse asking to play, to ensure your group can get out and onto the golf course. Tee times can be scheduled up to one week in advance at Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range, and we generally limit groups to 4 players.

How long does it take to play golf?

Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range has several different options for play. Time spent golfing will vary, depending on whether you play 3, 9, 12, or 18-holes.

Our 3-hole course should take roughly 45 minutes, 9 holes will take about 1 hour & 45 minutes, 12 holes will take about 2.5 hours, and 18 holes should take about 3.5 hours. Knowing how long your golf round will take can help you plan ahead!

What do I wear?

Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range has a very relaxed dress code. We just ask all customers to wear a t-shirt or golf polo, along with pants or shorts. This is a family friendly facility, so please be appropriate.

Some golf courses have a strict dress code, and it’s always a good idea to check with the golf shop attendant when making a tee time what the dress code is at that particular course.

Do I need my own clubs?

Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range has plenty of rental clubs available, including both right & left handed clubs, as well as a few junior sets. Each set comes with a wood, a few irons, a putter, and a couple golf balls. Club rentals start at just $6 per set.

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