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    Golf Outing Checklist

Want to host an event for your group, but not sure where to start?

Read our Golf Outing Checklist and you’ll be well on your way!

What type of event would you like to have?

This question depends heavily on the purpose of the event. If the outing is strictly for groups to have fun & socialize, we would recommend having a team scramble. In this format, each group works together to get the ball in the hole, and takes the pressure off of each individual team member. We even offer the ability to play to larger golf holes (about triple the size!), to make putting even easier! No matter the goal of your event, we are happy to help you find an outing format and course layout that is right for your group.

What price point will the group be ok with?

When planning an event, it’s important to keep the price per player in mind to maximize the number of players you will have (and to keep them happy!). The number of holes played, golf carts, a lunch or dinner, awards & prizes, drink tickets, etc all need to be considered when deciding how much you’d like the event to cost each participant. With 9-hole events, players may be more price sensitive, while with 18-hole events, players may look closer at what they are receiving for their money in terms of extras (dinner, drink tickets, etc).

How many holes will you play?

Many factors can determine how many holes you’d like the group to play. Non-golfers generally have a short attention span with the game, so 18 holes may be too much. If it’s in the middle of July on a high temperature day, people may become exhausted or dehydrated if they are outside for too long. Luckily, Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range has 3, 9, 12, or 18-hole options for golf, so you can find the perfect number of holes for your Baraboo, WI event!

Are there any group activities before/after the event? What time will the group start, and what time would you like them to finish? There are many questions to consider when determining how many holes to play.

Are the participants experienced golfers, or new to the game?

If the majority of your group are golfers, enough fun can be had by just playing golf. However, if there are a good number of non-golfers or first timers in the group, golf by itself might not be enough. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to implement some different rules or games on certain holes. For instance, on one of the greens, maybe everybody in the group has to hit the putt like they are holding a pool cue. If anything, the group will get a kick out of how hard it is to putt this way. Maybe the group has to play a certain hole with a bouncy ball!

These sorts of rules can help alleviate some of the pressure & stress that goes along with playing golf.

What games do you want to play out on the golf course?

It can be fun to implement certain games for your group to play out on the golf course. Flag events challenge players to beat the previous best shot (closest to the pin, longest drive, etc.). Skins games reward players who have the best score on each individual hole. A “Beat the Pro” contest pits each player against the local golf professional on a certain shot. A putting contest can be a great way to take a quick break around the Clubhouse as well.

Games can help to keep non-golfers interested & having fun, and also reward players who hit good golf shots. A win-win!

Would your group like to stay at the course for a post-round meal or banquet?

Depending on how large of a group there is for the event, and depending on how many holes the group plays, you may want to consider having a meal afterwards and possibly even a light lunch before or during the event. After all, the players may be out on the golf course for a few hours, we’re sure they are hungry! Pre-purchasing drink tickets for the group can also be a nice way to reward them for being in the outing.

Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range is happy to work with your group to find the perfect after-golf meal. Catering options in our golf facilities are also available!

What extra information will the golf course need to know?

Try to make sure we know as much information about the day of your event as possible to avoid any surprises. Check with the group to see if any rental clubs are needed. If you think you may need any extra carts than your group requires (for pictures, or if you have a ride-along), let us know. Make sure we’re aware of any special games that need to be out on the golf course. If you’d like to have a banquet or meal afterwards, be sure to let us know well in advance. If you’d like help from the golf professional with the awards ceremony, make sure they are aware! If you’d like cart signs, format sheets, and scorecards for the event, the golf pro needs ample time to get these ready for you!

Golf professionals pride themselves on the preparation that goes into event planning. Any information that we can gather from the outing representative is crucial to run a successful golf event.

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