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    Fling Golf in Wisconsin Dells, WI

A Whole New Way to Golf!

Using a Fling Stick, players hurl the golf ball lacrosse-style from the tee, down the fairway, until they get to the green. From there, special padding is on the sides of the stick, allowing players to putt.

Fling Golf can be played in the same group as regular golf, is known to take less time to play than regular golf, and best of all: you only need one club!

Rules are also much simpler.  Pick up your ball as it lies, take a few steps back, and launch! Fun is the focus, not complicated lengthy rulebooks. Give it a try during your next family golf outing!

For more information, contact us in the pro shop in Baraboo, WI, or visit https://flinggolf.com/.

Open to the public | 608.356.5524