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    The Case for Fall Golf

Written by Nick Winters

Wisconsin certainly makes for an interesting place to live. Summer days can get brutally hot, while the Winter can be bitterly cold. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and we’ve become used to living in a variety of conditions. However, Fall is perhaps the most comfortable, and most beautiful season we have. Listed below are some of the reasons why Fall is the best time to play golf!

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1. Cool Temps – Finally, it’s not 85 degrees outside. Sure, it rains during the Fall quite a bit, but at least the temperature is reasonable.

2. Winter Rules – The rules of golf get a little more relaxed in the Fall. Lift, clean, and place while in the fairway is pretty common this time of the year. Can’t find your ball because there’s too many leaves? Most of the time your group will mutually agree to take a free drop around where you think your ball should be. Relaxed rules = less stress, more fun, and quicker play.

3. Scenic Views – Let’s face it, Wisconsin sure is beautiful when the leaves start to change colors. Nice golf holes turn into incredible golf holes just by changing the color scheme a bit.

4. Fresh Air – Doesn’t cool air in the Spring and Fall seem more refreshing than Summer air? The sudden change in temperature always seems to breathe new life into my golf game and my attitude on the course.

5. Excuses, Excuses – There’s too many leaves! I can’t swing with all these layers! I can’t feel my hands! Even if your golf game doesn’t improve in the Fall, at least there are plenty of excuses you can use.

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6. Cheap Rates – This is a big one. Play the same golf course in (arguably) nicer weather, for cheaper than normal! Sounds like a win to me! Almost all golf courses implement Spring and Fall rates to entice play during the non-busy season.

7. Open Season – Whether it’s school starting, lack of daylight, or the football game is on, golf courses tend to slow down a little bit during the Fall season. It’s a great time to play because the weather is perfect, and it’s pretty easy to get a tee time!

8. Football Fun – You know what sounds like a really nice Sunday? Playing a quick round of golf with friends or family, and then watching the Packer game afterwards. There’s just something about that combination that really makes this time of year special.

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